Foot Drop and AFO's

I've had CIDP and foot drop for the last 5 years. I go to physical therapy every week but I still have numbness in my feet, lose my balance easily and foot drop. I read on another discussion that people have been using AFO's to help with their foot drop. Are many people with foot drop using AFO's? Are they helpful? Can you drive with it? Would love to hear all positive and negative comments. Thank you for your time!


My CIDP started with foot drop. I got an AFO and went thru therapy three times a week for four months. Both helped. I no longer have foot drop. I have not driven since all of this began, but I imagine you could drive with an AFO.

Look into Walk Easy Assistor. It says you can drive with it. I haven't used it but I am looking into it for jogging. I wasn't able to drive or walk for that matter for almost 2 years. I still can't walk on my heels but my strength continues to improve. I kept everything moving even when it wasn't functional which made all the difference.

I just recently got an AFO. It is on my left leg, so I am not sure about driving.