Has anyone here taken part in clinical trials?


Just the riding in the car would take me out of this, but curious if anyone here has taken part in any clinical trials. If so, was it of benefit to you?

Hope everyone is well!


In addition to trials, CMT has a national registry that may help drive future research and possibly one day bring a cure. To study a rare condition like this one, researchers need to be able to find patients first, and the registry helps greatly with that effort. I will post specific information about the registry when I return home in a couple of days.

Great idea, thanks so much, dancermom!

Here is a link for a "Contact registry" for anyone with CMT who would like to participate in clinical trials:


And here is a link for a global registry on inherited neuropathies, including CMT:


Thanks for this info, I also put these links on a discussion in the mod group, so it can be found if needed for a member.