Injuries mask by CIDP

Two weeks ago I was really struggling to put on a pair of shorts in the morning when I woke up . I couldn’t support any weight on my right side and when I tried to shift to the left the knee was wobbling and hyper extending . I ask my GP for a brace and a quick MRI . The results showed a tear and fluid build up. After surgery the DR explained there was two tears one on each side. Extensive cartilage damage and fluid under the knee. Within hours I was able to bear weight with less wobble and reduced pain.

The right knee had a noticeable difference to it. And the Dr had shown me how to detect a tear. So I ask to have an x-ray and MRI . The x-ray showed a portion of bone broken off and in the soft tissue. The MRI showed two mor tears. In less than two hours I will be having surgery on my right knee. The amazing thing is the meds I take for CIDP may be blocking feeling pain that I need to know about or it could be part of the lack of sensory nerves working correctly. In either case the repairs I am hopeful will assist in improving my gait. An will minimize future damage. I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced similiar?

In the last two weeks I have had two surgeries to repair damaged cartilage on both knees , three torn tendons a one piece of bone broken from the top of the lower leg bone that was jammed up under the knee cap. I couldnt walk well bust most of all the pain was not what it should have been to recognize the damage those nerves are not talking very well at this time.

That is awful Robert! It's a good thing you asked for an mri and a brace. I too have chalked symptoms up to cidp only to find some needed treatment other than ivig or prednisone to get resolved. I hope you start to feel better very soon.

I also have had ankle injuries that I have not felt and now am wearing braces on both legs due to the instability. I only noticed the swelling and then went to the DR. I have to laugh a little bit, I sat where there were fire ants, never knew they had bitten me on my feet and ankles til the next day. They don't heal real well, took over 30 days.