Mask injuries

Ok so last week I am getting out of bed and my right hip and leg won’t support me well. So I use my left leg to try and dress. The left knee wobbled pretty bad and hurt when it did differently from the normal morning pain.

I get a brace and an MRI the meniscus is torn. The doctor presses on the side of the knee and isolates the meniscus and confirms the damage. So the following day I put pressure I the same location on the other knee and no problem. I also apply pressure to the opposite side of the knee and again the pain. My question is? Has anyone else found injuries that have been mask because of the pain an nerve sensation that we have learned to block out? I am in surgery this Thursday and will go in fir the other knee soon after.

I will tell you that once your knee meniscus is repaired surgically that you are a set up for needing a knee replacement. This is what happened to me. I had severe pain and torn meniscus. I allowed a young otho to repair it and six months later, my knee was worse and needed replacement. I would ask you get a second opinion as a knee replacement with this disease is a disaster. I needed a revision of the knee replacement and a very experienced surgeon explained that by allowing the surgeon to repair my knee meniscus that I was a set up for a future knee replacement. I have subsequently torn my right knee meniscus and have gone to PT without any surgery. I still have that knee. I have had CIDP for 7 years and would never recommend a knee replacement to anyone with a significant neuropathy. It is a contraindication in the medical literature but orthopedists are surgeons. Good luck but get a second opinion first.

I am very fortunate my dr is a sports medicine surgeon. He has reattached my right shoulder rotator cuff and cleaned up my left shoulder over the last four years. He is not quick to surgery but fortunately he is the dr that both college and pro athletes seek out in this area.