IVIG at Home

I had nine months of IVIG — 6 consecutive days every month 6 hrs each session at home… Best way to do it … You can sleep, watch TV and move about with IV pole. IVIG was shipped each month to my house. Nurse ( usually different) showed up every day and pre- medicated me … Then got the IVIG going. Getting IVIG and watching the Drip is like watching snow melt. I could not imagine not doing it at home. I did nine months of it … I have not gotten any worse … In the 18 months since. Although the nerves in both legs are pretty much shot… I will walk with AFOs and a cane for the rest of my life. I still have the typical good and bad CIDP days.

Wish you he best of luck with it…

I actually would rather get my IVIG at the hospital. Maybe I'm just weird, but I don't necessarily like people in and out of my house, and I can't rest knowing someone unfamiliar is there. I still sleep, but I also take my laptop, books and watch TV. It's not too bad, for me.

I too like it away. It is an excuse to get out of the house with my wife who rarely goes anywhere otherwise. Any change I. Your schedule and if so results?