Nerve Condution test volicity for CIDP

I would like to thank everyone for their personal story’s and wealth of information. After being treated for chronic back pain due to Two Mris that showed mild facet arthritis and two recent Mris that showed clear after a very bad auto accident I started having ataxia and used a cane. Pain managment doctor said ataxia was caused by 40 mg of celexa a day. I have tapered off Celexa and ataxia is much better no more cane. Nerve conduction test shows Peripheral latency by Neurologist. My back pain wains and waxes my feet feel bruised and sore my legs burn and tingle at times now my voice gets horsed or strained at times ( good for my partner ). I don’t have insurance but will finally get spinal tap next Thurs. I just want to solve this mistery and the tap should do that. Thank you again for this wonderful board of brave respectful people. Nero says results will take two weeks so now its wait an see. Thanks again to all of you for educating me on this crazy disease. Now its wait and see.