Neurologist St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay


This may be a long shot but looking for a neurologist with expertise in CIDP in St. Petersburg Tampa area.

thanks so much!

Perhaps this search will help turn something up, River:

thanks so much dancermom and mdolich! this is a big help

I will recommend Dr Lara Katzin with USF Health 813-■■■■■■■■. She has treated several patients with CIDP. 2nd choice would be Dr Alan Weiss at St Anthony's. But he is not as open to newer ideas. He was dead set against me having the Stem Cell Transplant that I did and now I am CIDP free! No more meds for me for CIDP! All gone. Here's my story if you'd care to read it:

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wendy, thanks for your recommendation. i'm gonna to call dr lara katzin's office now.

i read yr blog. wow, how wonderful that scs cured yr symptoms!! thanks again.

As of July 1, 2014 Dr. Lara Katzin has returned to teaching. At least that’s what my letter says.