Hi All ,

I was interested in the comment by someone that when they went off IVG for 7 weeks that their numbness came back.

I have been on IVG for 3 years and in al that time I have constantly had numbness and increasing numbness in both legs to the point that I am not sure and cant tell whether I have shoes socks or bed covers on my feet or legs.

I have accepted that as normal. On my last visit to my Specialist he did all the numbness tests with little response and simply shook his head and said something like ... Yep.. You sure have CIDP..

Anyway am I normal ? or are others having different experiences ?.

Incidentally , I am getting concerned about my driving as I seem uncertain/insecure when in close surroundings (parking centres) I have to change my foot regularly between the brake and the accellerato (automatic).

I seems to feel that I have not got my foot properly on the break and it may slip off .. Any comments?


I would tell you to stop driving, but then I would have to stop driving too and I'm not ready for that. If I were to discuss my situation with the Dept of Motor Vehicles, I am sure they would revoke and never reissue my license to drive. A word to the wise is sufficient...DRIVE SLOW.

The numbness is reversible if they get u on the correct treatment & if it has not permanently damaged your nerves… My best advise is do your reaserch & MAKE the Dr try different treatments. I am very aggressive with my Drs. I tell them what they need to do with me & they listen. If ur Drs are not listening to you than maybe you need to change Drs. Good luck!

I agreed the numbness is reversible.At one point I could`t even hold a pen to write.Both feet where numb as were my legs and hands.With the IVIG and prednisone its all behind me now.No numbnest at all.