Prednisone or ivig?

Hello there

I am 26 years old girl and its about 2months that my doctor told me that i have CIDP. I was in hospital for 10 days and i recieved 5 pulses(prednisone) in 5 days. 1gram each day. I am using fluoxetine20 and azathioprine 50 in the morning, folic acid, vitamin E and calcium in the noon and azathioprine 50 and pregabaline 50 at night.
My doctor told me that i will have 2 gram prednisone each month.

Today i went to another hospital and they want to start a new treatment with ivig

I dont know what to do? Keep going to my previos doctor or start a new treatment wirh ivig in a new hospital?

By the way my illness start about 6 months ago but doctors discovered it 2 month ago

That would depend on if your symptoms are better, the same, or worse. You should use the least amount of drugs to obtain the desired effect because as bad as it seems now, things can always get worse. Best wishes!

Thank you. May God bring back health and happiness into our lives…

I can only tell you about my situation.I`am 61 woke up one day with total numbness in both feet and hands.2 months later it spread to my legs and arms.I couldn`t walk or hold a pen or fork.Had to sit down to take a shower.Was in a walker.I had it bad and it came on fast.Went into the hospital and had 10 infusions of IVIG.They did NOTHING for me.No change at all.My doctor then put me on prednisone,very high dosage at first.Within weeks things improved.2 months later I was in TOTAL remission and have stayed that way since may of 2014.Today I play golf almost every day,weather permitting.I swim I ride my bike.I really am back to being the active guy I always was.So for me prednisone was the miracle cure.As of july of this year I am prednisone free.Its different with every one,some people prednisone does`t work.Other people the IVIG treatments do work.Its a nasty illness we all have,hopefully you will to find one that works for you.I wish you well and keep up the faith.

Thank you for your helpful comment. I am so happy to know that you are back to your active life. Wish you and all who suffer from CIDP, a healthy and happy life.

Took me over a year to find any real relief from CIDP symptoms, and still I've not reached a satisfactory treatment that restores me me to my previous SUPERMAN status. Read more, study more, then tell neuros your story with confidence. They take a shotgun approach to neurological afflictions because they are only guessing at the beginning. If a treatment works then they score points in the skeet shoot of the medical specialist ... you and I being "THE CLAY" ejected into the atmosphere of uncertainty, pain and disability. Be skeptical and make certain you have second opinions.

Being 26, and undoubtedly beautiful and in your prime, you'll most likely find a resolution of treatments.

Don't think that your curse of a disease will follow any disease course describe here or elsewhere. If you could see and understand your body on the molecular and cellular level, you'd understand why you are unique and why you need tailored treatment plans. We are all a complex soup of folded proteins contained by skin and held up by bones. And, the big bones create the soup mix... B Cells.

Hope you totally get rid of CIDP soon, now I think I will keep going to my previous doctor and I prefer prednisone after all. I will tolerate its side effect on my mansturation