Probiotic Tablets and Guillain Barre attack

Hi guys,

I had my GBS attach about 3 months ago and am on the mend. Luckily the doctor's here in Australia were on top of things and diagnosed GBS straight away and gave me the Immunoglobulin.

Yesterday I went to a Naturopath and he said I needed to focuse on my gutt. So far so good. One suggestion was to change my eating habits (yes I knew my eating was not healthy) and to include more veggies and proteins and to take a Probiotic supplement (tablets) which he gave me. And this is where my hesitation is: probiotics will alter the flora in the gutt, which I believe is a good thing as they are the good bacteria. However where I am not sure is whether taking a probiotic supplement will favour or trigger another GBS attack. So far I have not taken the supplement.

Does anyone on here have any experience or knowledge on the above.

Cheers from the Australian outback.