Question about reflexes and shaky muscles

Hi all, I still don’t have any new information. My MRIs were normal blood work was normal and nerve conduction test was normal.

I have body twitches all over and a shake when I bring my arms back close to my body from a reached out position. It originates from a muscle in the rotater cuff I think. I would like to know if anyone has a shaky feeling, I noticed it in my legs too when descending down stairs. I can’t tell where it originates but I think from my torso.

Also my neuro said I have hyper +3 reflexes, and hoffmans reflex. From what I’ve read hyper reflexes do not go with CIDP. Can anyone with confirmed CIDP tell me about their reflexes. Are the hypo and not hyper?

Thank you, thank you. I’m sure many of you know how I feel. Having all tests come back normal and knowing things are wrong. I don’t know what to do.

I have absolutely no reflexes. My legs get shaky, especially if I walk a long distance. Also, my MRIs and my EMG were normal, too. My neuro said he doesn't believe the EMG results. I fit all the other symptoms. :-(