Ready for Remission

I understand pain. My right leg was injured in 2004 at which point “living with pain” became the new normal. There have been some really good days and not so good days. I thought the worst day was when I walked into my Dr. Office and she announced that I had RSD. OK, that didn’t help make the pain in my leg go away or stop the tremors, keep the muscles from slowly dying. So, I began my journey of understanding what those 3letters meant to my life, to my holding my grandchildren, running in marathons with my sister, walking in the NAMI walk to support the persons I work with in my job…resting my guitar on my leg to sing to my grand babies…my life since 2009. I have been though stages of grief and found no acceptance but a place of tolerance…until a year ago when after a car accident,the medications stopped working, the pain became intolerable and unexplainable. My Neurologist diagnosed it as CIDP. It didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t understand how and why I would be expected to tolerate 2 nerve disorders. This is where I am. I work a job every day from 8-5. I listen to people talk about what they need to happen in their lives. I motivate people. I let them know that helping them is what gives me the energy to get out of bed every day…to keep fighting. The bible has a scripture that talks about making choices and how the choices we make can affect each step of the rest our lives. That’s been true in my life. I am believing the taking the step to this group will lead me to new insight in my new battle. Thank for reading my story. Please share your wisdom! I am hear to learn. Please remember Every Step Taken toward Success is a Step Worth Taking Peace and Love my Friends