Reflex or lack of question

Saw the neurologist this week and read his report while getting IG. He observed there are no reflexes in my husbands legs. What does that mean? He is 1 year into IG treatment and has shown some improvement…now walking a few steps with walker but with much pain. Can any of you help me understand this significance in recovery terms. Thanks in advance, M

Reflexes in legs mean from brain to legs, not to be confused with if he sees something falling toward legs he can move.
I have the same issue and walk with a cane still and been having IVIG since February with a 2 mnth break(and I have pain walking).
My neuro said we don’t really need them.
Has your husband been doin pt? If not maybe he should see one versed in neuropathy diseases, he may need to be stretched to help his muscles move better.
Regeneration hurts, and he will hurt for awhile.
Please let me know if there’s anymore questions you have.

Thank you Paula. I was concerned it meant no hope of ever walking again. It has been a long year, progress has been present but very very slow. He attends a neurological out patient rehab program which includes a pool session and stretching on a stretcher frame. Would walking daily help the legs or just tire out the nerves? It seems to be such a fine line.

a reflex is an involuntary response to stimulus because its involuntary it is the best visual indication of a decrease in the transmission of nerve impulses CIDP damages the myelin sheath thus allowing nerve impulses to dissipate through the damaged areas into the surrounding tissue thereby decreasing the effectiveness of the contraction or extension of the muscles. a decreased reflex indicates a peripheral problem whereas increased or abnormally strong reflex's usually indicate central nervous system problems

Walking is good, just not over doing it. Sometimes I over do it and pay the next day with my legs feeling like they weigh a thousand pounds.
I’ve never done the pool session, just leg presses, calf presses and bike. The stretching was always done by a person, so I don’t know if there is a difference.
It’s very slow, I believe the formula is one millimeter a day, an inch a month, twelve inches a year based on height and damage done to nerves.
I was told mine can take up to five years or longer, the GBS/CIDP did damage to my myelin/nerves/axons.
Keep him motivated and watch for depression, it’s common with this disease!