Relaple after 12 years

hi all. i am new to this group. i am 31 mom of two boys. i have had cidp since i was 16 and had a bad 2 yr stint with it and treated with ivig, steroids and imuran . after my 18th birthday i never had a relapse again. last week i became ill with a fever , sore throat. chills, neck and back pain. the syptoms all let up except for the back and neck pain. I then notices all the tingling in my boday and my whole right side weakened. on a side son has mono but i was tested and already had it. So my symptoms are not what they were when i used to get this. i used to get it in both sides. this time it is working its way up one side of my body and starting into the other. the doc says she wont treat until i cant walk which i think is really bad and will cause nerve damaged

that doesnt need to be. Has anyone been well for 10 or more years and then relapsed? i cant believe this. I have 2 small boys that need me to get around and walk. Also, has anyone let symptoms be untreated and the correct on their own?



Hi Sherry, sorry to hear about your relapse, the doctor telling you she wont treat you until you cant walk is crazy to me you should look for a different doctor .

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Lou is right find a new doctor ASAP. As far as any one having CIDP go away then come back I think thats the norm. I have never talked to any one here that has had it go away for so long then come back. I think most of us here have CIDP and treatment just keeps it under control.

I would think with treatment again you can get it back in remission you just need to find a good doctor, the doctor you are seeing now sound like they have not worked with CIDP much.