Relapse and remission what after that

hi there iasked about relapse and remission in cidp and what the complications after relapse c, can the person back to his life after how many relapse with complete et paralys can the patients back to his life walk

hi i had two relapses and i can stil walk and work. i had a relapse in february 2015 and after treatment i am fine. was a week in hospital but the cidp is in remission. i just have fibromyalgia that is also an auto imune disease, that is a different battle on its own.

but doctors are working hard to find the right balance of meds and i am hoping for the best.

thank you kraai for your reply im now now in my 3rd relapse iwish you can read my profile the previous 2 relapse I survived and back to my work but at this i don’t know what will happen to me istill paralysed till now . thanx again

sorry to hear that. i had intens fisio and occupational therapy to learn to walk again and use my motor functions. it took 3 sesions a week. i was diagnosed with cidp on 6 september 2011 and since the i keep the faith and hope it will all work out.

keep strong and anything i can help with feel free to ask. i am turning 36 and my baby girl is turning 5 a day after my birth day.

the worst part of this is that she doesnt understand why i cant do everything with her anymore.

alot has changed.

can i ask you have you really accepted this disease of yours and made peace with it. cause thats important. that is you first step

i was at a phycologist that helped me alot.