Remedies for Walking and Running Difficulties

I understand that a large number of you have difficulties with running and walking. About six years ago, I found it increasingly difficult to find shoes that I could comfortably walk in. I have a problem called foot drop which caused my feet to slap the sidewalk and caused me to trip, even when walking on perfectly flat surfaces. Increases in my IVIG dosage have helped, but not eliminated my walking problems. I've selected shoes mainly by trial and error, with more failures than successes. I've had to discard many pairs of new shoes that I could not comfortably wear.

After joining LivingwithCIDP, one of the members recommended rocker sole shoes that work for him. I tried those shoes, but I found it too difficult to balance myself when wearing them. This was because only a small fraction of the sole would be on the ground at a given time. The soles on these shoes were very rigid. I searched for rocker sole shoes with flexible soles without success until recently. I discovered that Skechers has two models of sneakers (Shape Ups LiV and Shape Ups Alive) that work for me. These shoes have flexible rocker soles and are well cushioned. Wearing these shoes took some practice because the foot strikes the ground in front of the heel rather than on the heel. These shoes have made a big difference for me. You can visit the Skechers website ( for more information about these models.

While I know that not everyone can benefit from my findings, perhaps some of you will. I welcome others to comment on what shoes, orthotics, braces or other devices have worked for them.


I have been using the "dorsi-strap" which can be tied to the shoes:

It's a little expensive, but is quite convenient. It helps me while walking and also I can drive while wearing it.

I'll check it out and consider it. Thank you. I too have foot drop and must wear a brace else I fall on my face. I too tried the rocker style and found with the balance problem I already have, simply too difficult to wear. I tried hard soled shoes for a while but have, for now, gone back to generic tennis shoes, jogging shoes, oh whatever you call those Nike etc style shoes we all have.

Oh, also, I initally used the dictus band that hooks around the ankle and has a connector that goes in your shoes. It worked well until my foot drop moved into total foot drop. The band doesn't do as good of a job as a brace now when I have to walk a long distance in keeping my toes up high.

However, I also own the dictus foot adapter that rigs up much the same way, but allows you to walk barefooted or in sock feet. I use that around the house most nights and the time or too when I am around a pool or beach. I do recommend both products highly.

Thanks to newtocidp and Joe D for the info about the dorsi-strap and dictus band. While I hope I won't need these products, I may need them because I may not be able to justify more IVIG. I'm at a dosage where IVIG is stressing my kidneys.