Shower advice

Strange discussion title, I know!

My IVIG treatment is 5 days every 3 months. During that 5 days the needle/port/whatever is stuck in my forearm the entire time. When I go to shower I just take plastic wrap and wrap that area of my arm. It does an OK job about keeping the area dry. But not perfect.

What do you do? Does there exist some sort of arm wrap made for this kind of thing? I could imagine something with two draw strings, or elastic.

Go to a pharmacy and ask for a product called Tegaderm. It's like plastic wrap with an adhesive and it is breathable and water proof. Better yet, ask your doctor/nurse/infusion center to give you a spare or two.

Thank you! I've ordered some online.

I remember when I had the big port down my jugular for plasma pheresis, the nurses used plastic wrap and taped down all the edges with sticky medical tape.

That reminds me of the patient tranport system they have at Mayo. It's a complex network of rails in the ceiling. They work a sling under you in bed, then hoist you into the air and it's like a little ski lift. Not only can they hoist you out of your bed and into the bathroom on the rails, but using a series of junctions and switching like a railroad, they can move you all over the whole hospital floor. Hadn't thought of that fun in quite awhile until your question triggered that memory. Thanks!

Tagaderm did the trick for the shower!

Also, I have a tip. My IVIG treatment is over 5 days. The catheter is left in my forearm during that time. In the winter I can wear long sleeve to protect it from catching (or to just hide from view). But this summer I didn't know what to do. I noticed a an elbow/arm compression sleeve used for sports in my closet. So I just pulled that over it and it worked like a charm.

This kind of thing:

Hey there! Google 'aqua guard' they are wraps specifically for this purpose. Same with Shower Soc. I personally wrap in clear wrap twice, tape, and then put one of those guaze sleeves on over & try my best to keep it out of the water. I'm down to two days now thankfully so I usually can wait until after to shower if I get a good scrub in before. Good luck!

Another approach is described in this utube video. My daughter uses this method very effectively when she showers. An additional protective layer can be added by wrapping elastic bandage, or "ACE" wrap, over the top the finished picc line cover. This method is less expensive as many of the items are re-usable.

Thanks @Kelly and @Tom!

The Shower Soc will probably be the next thing I try. It looks reusable and easy to just slide on.