This may be vain, but I’ve always had good skin but lately I’ve noticed after the last three IVIG that I’ve been breaking out but they are not the typical pimples. They start out like them but never form the whitehead and when they go away the leave scars. Anyone else has this issue?

Saw a YouTube from someone that said the whole side if his head breaks out after treatments, and he’s not a teen…

Just a suggestion try taking Vitamin E it is suppose to help your nails, hair, and skin. I have just started taking it. I’ve had a real bad problem with my hair falling out since being diagnosed. Hope this helps.

I have been having the same trouble with my hair falling out, mostly on the top. I have notice a difference in my nails too. A couple of them have deep ridges from the cuticle down to the tip of the nail. My doctor suggested to get the vitamin BIOTIN in 5000 mg. I have been on this for at least 2 months now and I have noticed that my hair has stopped falling out.