Started Solu-medrol infusions on Friday....anyone have success with this treatment?

I've gotten one treatment with this, but did not see any change. Basically it is just an IV version of Prednisone or Cortisone. My oral cortisone gave me acute glaucoma, where I had to have emergency eye surgery to release my eye pressure. I've lost most vision in my right eye. The only thing to worry about is to notice any blurriness or pain in eyes. If and when you first notice it, get to an opthalmologist quickly. You probably won't have any trouble. I already had family history of glaucoma. God Bless You! Glen

Be careful with Solu-medrol. My mom was on that stuff IV to treat a brain injury and she started to hallucinate there were people in her room. She was waving and talking to imaginary people. Her brain doctor said that hallucinations can be a side effect of solu-medrol. They stopped it and the next day she stopped the hallucinations.

It did well for me but did not last& my crash was horrible. There are some good reports of this type of prednisone inducing remission. We are all different. I was switched to IVIG but it takes weekly infusions of about 4-5 hours to keep me walking. Not very well at that. Solumedrol may work well for you & I'll pray it does

Hello. I tried solu-medrol 2 years ago for ~6 months. After that for 1 year Prednisone for ~1 year and then Dexamethasone for 6 months. After 2 years of treatment with Steroids I have signs of osteoporosis and problem with my eyes, at their initial stages so I hope I will improve as I stopped it 3 months before. I have not seen so great results to justify the side effects. On the other hand I must say that I am good enough, able to walk, run(?) and to other things as if I wera healthy. Only when I pass the limnits I can’t walk very well and I feel exhausted, need for 2-3 days to recover. So depending on the situation it might help(?). Good luck