Strange wet sensation in hands

Hello. My Mom is diagnosed with CIDP, and since it’s onset her hands started to feel wet all the time. Has anyone else had this sensation? For her it’s constant. I don’t see anyone else talk about this symptom. Thanks in advance for any replies.

Not me besides the usual pins & needles I get a sensation of many cuts like paper cuts. I always look, that’s how real they feel. I also get intense itching, like poison ivy. But no rash is present. I think nerves can give you any sensation

diagnosed with gbs 2 months ago. treated with feet feel like i been walking in a cold river. never wore socks to bed until now. my hands and left arm have a constant buzzing sensation like they are asleep. they are sensitive to cold. doctor said to give it time. i am getting my strength back, thats all i wanted and the rest i can deal with.

My wife says I have gecko hands and I do ger sweaty palms at times.

I’m CMT2 and I definitely get the wet clammy hands all the time. feels like I’ve been in the tub too long and you fingers get all wrinkled, and feel weird. My hands look normal but feel terrible. I hate when I get that.

Yes. My hands often feel wet and my feet too. I often have to ask norms if something is wet. My face can usually tell if I put my hands to my face.