Studies About PolyNeuropathy

This information is posted with the greatest and most humble respect as I am not a patient, but the mom of a dog with hereditary polyneuropathy and neuromuscular disease.

When diagnosed, all I got was "it's incurable" and all doctors just walking off. I set about doing research on my own and found all the below studies.

I found the vet community neurologist are nearly ignorant of these studies which are all tested on dogs before people. I put him L-Carnitidine and Alpha Lipoic Acid (2000 mg and 1300 mg a day) -- he's 95 lbs and it did wonders for him. Some of the studies I posted below discuss nerve cell regeneration. I also have him on Lutein (increases protein in some studies), CQ10 and B-12 (riboflavin) as per the studies. I was also advised by the U of FL vet school to keep muscle from deteriorating, his diet should be 90 grams of protein per day -- or about a pound of meat. This was also helpful information to try to counteract the muscle deterioration. Acupuncture (B12 shots in affected muscle/nerve areas) has also been the ONLY thing that has helped with his pain as no western medicines did.

I am completely ignorant of many of the diseases on this board, however, given the breadth of these studies and success, I hope they might help.

If anyone can give me an idea of what muscle deterioration pain feels like or any studies or acupuncture approaches that have helped that specific issue that would be great as I have no way for him to convey to me what his pain is like.

Also different, but could help:

Hope this is helpful to someone.


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