Sweating Bullets

Has anyone else had excessive sweating with light exertion? The smallest effort can make my face beet red and sweat run off my face in rivers! My neurologist is clueless, but this never happened until after my hospitalization when I was in rehab. I carried a towel with me constantly and now 18 months later, it still happens when I work out or am in a moderately hot environment. I am most comfortable in air conditioning set at 65 degrees Fahrenheit! Wondering when/if this will wear off as nerves recalibrate?

Sounds awful … in fact it sounds like my good friend who is menopausal. Hope you either get an answer or spontaneous relief, and soon!
Seenie from Moderator Support

When I was hospitalized with my GBS I had a terrible spell of hot flashes. I couldn’t bare it. I had to have a ice water wipe down, as well as having my room’s thermostat turned down to 62 degrees. Plus I had a fan on me AND an ice pack under my neck. It kinda subsided after 2 months but it was a hellish 2 months.

I had to use ice packs too. I was constantly having to switch them out throughout the days and nights. When I started recovering I had to carry an ice pack with me to use on my neck and face. I never thought about it until now.

Hey, I do get those. And I get very dehydrated as a result even though I drink plenty of water and tea all the time!

I also have bouts of the opposite. I had hypothermia on a few ocassions and I was in a very warm and cosy house wrapped in blankets!