The Affordable Care Act is Now Live - May Be Very Helpful for You

Thanks to our wonderful Moderator, DancerMom, for putting together this tutorial and info on The Affordable Care Act!
The Affordable Care Act is Now Live and you can now enroll. If you are uninsured, or have insurance but are interested in a lower-cost plan, please visit the government website:
Understandably, you may have many questions about The Affordable Care Act and how it applies to you. There is a fun and informative “lesson” about The Affordable Care Act on Youtube:
There is also a preliminary section on the government website to help you understand your options before enrolling:
There is also a helpline at the Health Insurance Marketplace Call Center at 1.800.318.2596.
Please be patient. Over 1 million Americans visited the site yesterday to enroll, and there have been some glitches and delays. If you are unable to access the site, use the helpline, and a representative may be able to email you personalized insurance options. Remember: You have from now until March 30, 2014 to enroll. After March 30, enrollment may be subject to delays. Please share any things you learn that could be helpful to other members!

Since day one October 1st I`ve been trying to apply for coverage still the web site isn`t working right.My status has been in progress for 12 days now.I guess i will just have to call and be on hold for 3 hours "grinning"

This whole Government take over scares me. Especially someone who has a chronic condition and the medication is very costly. My insurance has doubled since this law has been put into effect.