The Shakes

Does anyone suffer from the shakes? My daughter has CIDP which affects her upper body - shoulders, shoulder blades, arms and hands. She has recently developed the shakes in her hands particularly after exercise (soccer). Could it be the exercise causing this? She doesn't want to stop soccer as she loves it and it doesn't hurt her upper body because its a sport where you only use your lower body. She has given up so dance and all other sport so soccer is the last thing she has. I would love some input / answers and to hear your experiences.

I think the shakes are from lack of muscle stimulation due to the neuropathy. I have had the shakes in my left hand. I understand how frustrating it is to have to keep giving up the activities you love!

Sorry to hear you also have the shakes and thank you for answering my post. Are yours spontaneous or do you have them all the time? Are they worse after activities? She is only 13 and it’s hard for her to understand why this is happening to her.

I get the shakes if I try to use my left hand without supporting it. They are not predictable. I am not very active like your daughter is, so I really can't compare myself to her. I wonder, though, if her shakes are a result of muscle weakness from her CIDP.

Thanks for your reply. I’m going to email her Neuro and see what he suggests. She has a lot of anxiety because of this disease and the treatments. Maybe it’s part of the anxiety.

My daughter has trained teakwando for 7years before she had cidp. She was very good in it, and she adored that sport. Dr said that its not good sport for her, and she is shaking after training (arms). They suggests joga, pilates,and lots of walking of course…she is depressed because of that, special when she sees someone training teakwando. I do everything to make her happy, but sometimes I don t known what to do…I bought her a dog (Labrador) she walks with her lots of time (and I think she is happy when she is with her).

Hi Doda, sorry to hear that your 12yo daughter has CIDP. My daughter is 13yo. I try to do everything to make my daughter happy too. Its very depressing for them to have this disease at such a young age. Pets are a wonderful therapy. She has a cat that she absolutely loves. Luckily the cat adores her and follows her everywhere and cuddles up to her in bed. What treatment does your daughter have for CIDP? Do you know what triggered the CIDP?