Treatment finished till 4th November

Well another 5 days of IViG done and dusted and I felt rather good by the end.........well till today that is.

My parents washing machine died so like the mad fool I am I said "sure dad I'll help you" so after an hour of carrying the old machine down the stairs and bringing the new one up, I was feeling like a 90yr old man sweating though my shirt and wishing I had the ability to say no.

That's the only problem with IVig it often leaves me feeling good but underneath Im not as cured as I feel I am, you'd think after 12 yrs Id have realised that but I haven't.

So tomorrow is sunday and its going to be my day of rest so hopefully by Monday I'll at least be able to get up off the sofa without making those old person groaning noises and exclaiming things like 'oh my aching bones'.

Just wanted to finish off by saying that the nursing staff at the treatment unit I attended were absolutely great totally on the ball with all the patients its a pleasure to see that happening when so often all you hear are horror stories