UPDATE Genetic Blood Test/Weight Gain/Little Urination

I try to laugh and remain positive. My energy is low. I am full of fear.

I am hottubsammy I now it,s hard I,am not at that stage yet.Allyou can do is take one day at A time.I have good days and bad .I really don,t now how bad I am.I am away on Tuesday to get a second option,more tests different province.how long have yon been sick .stay strong

The greatest fear is fear itself. Stop being scared…it makes your symptoms worse. Stay calm, go slowly about doing everything, make no hasty decisions about anything, enjoy a good day and sleep through a bad day. Drink lots of water…in herbal flavoured teas if you wish…stay away from fizzy drinks. Rest if and when you can.

It will make a massive difference to how you feel. And tell whoever wants to draw blood at those prices to take a hike! Call your regular family doctor and fill his ears…this is shocking practice for any body of medics., take him to the head of the medical governing body…the ombudsman. Do not be afraid…you have rights.