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Met with my Neuro today, and will be moving forward to determine what is going on with my Cidp. He was a bit surprised that after 7 years of being relatively symtom free, with the exception of numbness in my feet, that I am experiencing symtoms again.

So, I have a NCS & EMG appointments scheduled in July,and hopefully will get a better ideal of what is going on, and determine a course of action.


Thanks Dazed, guess after going so long thought this type of flair up was behind me. It just seems so similar to the symptoms that I had back in 07, that it makes me nervous. Took me almost a year to get past it the last time. I know things could be so much worse, but I like everyone else with cidp would like to be done with it.

Thanks again Dazed. I appreciate your encouraging words. Actually I was surprised to get my testing scheduled so quickly. I’m ready to get my game face on, and move forward.

DazedandConfused said:


When you begin to fear the worst, remember that you came through the last time, and had seven good years before experiencing any symptoms again (which may or may not be CIDP).

Nobody would blame you for being nervous. But again, you beat this thing once, if it's CIDP again, you can likely beat it this time, as well.

Stay strong!

Thanks mdolich.
I have to watch myself to make sure that I don't become consumed by every twitch, ache, and pain. I start questioning myself, " is that getting worse, or is it feeling worse because I am thinking about it all the time ?" Cray mind stuff, I know.

Like most things in life, its probably about balance, listening to my body, but not obsessed with it.


mdolich said:

Hope your testing goes well and they can figure out if its a relapse or just a mild flare-up. I know from personal relapses that it can be scary not knowing what your body is up too. LOL

Good Luck, "Stay Strong and keep a Positive Attitude"