What to do about the offer of a flu injection from my doctor?

I'm torn on this one.I know the potential for them to be a good public health measure but with our sensitivities for it to have what the doctors call an idiopathic response-meaning they haven't got a clue.

As an over 60 I have by right this wonderful opportunity from our wonderful UK NHS.

Might give it a miss though I'd welcome anyone's thoughts.

I just had my wellness check up today and my primary care doctor said he would not give me the shot unless my neurologist approved it. He had 2 patients while he was a resident develop GBS after the shot. I’m not sure I want to have it this year. I took it last year while they were trying to determine what was going on with me. At that time they were thinking a back issue. I got worse after the shot but not to the acute stage until 4 months later. I’m also interested in what others are being told.

Thanks Jan-that's my current rationale.I'm a week late for my IVIG due to a dental infection and tooth extraction already.The docs wouldn't treat me due to it so I am struggling and I am due 5 gms more Gammaplex,IVIG anyway.

I'm not happy as the docs fail to adequately assess risk from a psycho-social point of view not just bio-medical.Don't they know about the locus of control?

I'm an old charge nurse and have learnt never to accept a doctor's judgement at face value and to check their evidence.WithCIDP,we are the evidence!

Thanks for your help.