Whatever it may be for you. What are your releases from CMT? Music, art, gardening?

I am a member of LWTN and we had this discussion about a year ago. It was fun to see what other members chose and actually gave me some ideas. I use pottery as mine. Not throwing since I often get parathesia from my medications and my hands suddenly go week, but hand-building. I don't always get a lot done because I tend to talk a lot at the studio. I was trained in massage therapy so I also like to listen to some of the CDs I used. My favorite is a CD from a Native American flute player. He music just flowed beautifully and flowed right along with it. These are the things I do when I am alone and I need to move my mind somewhere else.

I'm doing wounderful at the moment and walking around now as if didn't happen but good it done because help in years when walking all the time. That something embroved for I can do things now? I'm sorry to here about your trouble myn is good.

What a great post Debbie. I like to do Yoga. It's very relaxing for me. :)

Hi Debbie, Great topic! I like to garden. Good way to get a little exercise. If I have trouble getting back up off the ground, I can always crawl over to the fence to pull myself up. I love live music and dancing in my chair. Also spend a lot of time reading and listening to music. Best way to stop thinking about CMT is spending time out with friends and family.

since I've recovered through toe surgoery I've more strength anyway back into my planting and biking any one does the same thing that would be anoring trying to get up yes fence is a good thing.

Cheerleading and music Ilove playing my instruments andnthe feeling of being able to make my own music and in cheerleading I get to be cheesy and make an idiot of myself and everyone thinks my facials are hilarious :slight_smile:

Arts and crafts. I can stop when my hands cramp or go numb and it will be right there waiting when they get better. Keeps my mind busy and off of other things.

this is a great discussion.