When did this begin

I'm wondering when this disease actually began. 2 years after my surgery on my neck I started having pain in my feet and numbness. Then as time went on it moved to my hands. I haven't experienced total paralysis like many of you have described, but there are times I will get up and I use a cane instead of my crutches inside and my legs don't work at all and I go down. Then there have been a few times I can't hold my head up.

I was on lyrica for a small amount of time and I thought it was a wonder drug, but at the time I was seeing the primary physician that thought he could treat my spinal cord injury and that was by every time I had anything wrong he would just add another drug. So I eventually got to where I could process my thoughts and had to be taken off all medications. So I"m not sure that the lyrica caused the thought problems or the combination of the 15 drugs I was on at the time.

I always had pain in my neck and middle back but started having pain in my lower lumbar at times. Nothing that I thought was serious. Then last Christmas it all hit at once. Just pain I couldn't even imagine. I even went to the emergency room one time because I thought I was going to lose my mind, but after 1 minute of the doctors time he dismissed me.

Right before that I had gone to an orthopedic and had injections for bursitis but it didn't take that doctor long to tell me it wasn't bursitis. So I decided to try acupuncture. After 4 session and my muscles seemed to get worse and not relax that guy said he was afraid he was hurting me more than helping. Then came the physiatrist who gave me steroid injections into my lower discs that I didn't even have a problem with and had no results I was sent to a neurosurgeon. Of course he said nothing was wrong he couldn't help me go back to my neurologist and work on some good pain medications.

I had my surgery on my neck in 2004 and wonder if that contributed anything to this disease. It took me another 2 years to find a doctor to treat me and thats the neurologist I see today. I'm thankful that he never gave up on finding out what was causing this extreme pain/weakness/loss of use of my legs at times, bladder and bowel control and I won't go on. Everyone knows what it's like. I wonder how many others go through this and even longer just because a doctor has no idea what to look for or the signs of the disease?

I'm also curious since I have read that some insurances are blowing people off how disability is going to handle my treatment. I have a medicare supplement right now that I would hate to lose and just be on medicare.

Well this is really more of my story. I guess I'll get use to how this site works. I really hope its useful.