When it works... it works! IvIg!

At lap 20 of my swim I felt a strange sensation in my lumbar region, then minutes later an incredible feeling came over my lower torso and leg muscles. It was as if after 18 months of dysfunction and stiffness these afflicted muscles could finally breathe again. And then, a few minutes later, I was crying with joy as my legs just kept getting stronger and stronger!!!. Swimming laps with a mask and snorkel, in the community pool, while crying with joy and happiness is a very strange experience indeed.

Usually my calf's cramp after 30 minutes and continue to cramp for the remainder of my 60 or 90 swims. However, today I could fully extend my foot, like a ballet dancer, with pointing toes straight out for the entire swim and without cramps and pain !!!

I'm sure the life guard though I was a bit nuts when I left. I was smiling wide and crying happy tears of joy that these long dormant muscles seemed to have found new life.

Now, two hours later, I break out with more tears as I lift my right leg, turn my ankle and wiggle my toes... no pain, no stiffness!!! OMG!!! Incredible!!!

This calls for a celebration dinner at Collen's Restaurant in Haiku with the family tonight !!!

So hang in there!!!

Great story thanks for sharing

I m so happy for you. It is good and motivate story for us…