Swimming exercises

cookie said that she needed to find a pool where she exercises but not too strenuously. Here in MD we have a business caught Kids Swim First. They have a group swim for people with arthritis. I go there 4 times a week and if you can't do the exercise, you only do what you can and you are constantly told not to overdo it, The water is warm and feels great.

CIDP is a progressive neuromuscular disease in all of us who are not in complete remission; and even those people in remiss will feels its effects eventually.

Unless you ave heart or lung problems you SHOULD over do it; a little bit more exercise each exercise day. I see many elder and middle-aged ladies at my pool who are fooling themselves. The kick about for a bit and then yak for their remaining time there and take up lanes that the serious swimmers could use. They are not building progressively stabilized muscles to get them through a health crisis. Most of them are fat and have a variety of health problems and think a quick dip is all that is required. I see them give up there swim plans because swimming for health is hard until you get over the hump of water resistance (10-15 laps with ease).

Muscles are to move us around, let us escape quickly from lions, tigers, sharks and bears; think muscle evolution over millions of year... and let us do real work.

I recently suffered autonomic hyperflexia. Before that I was in the habit of swimming 90 minutes everyday or every other day (60-70 laps @ 25 meters each lap). I collapsed one day, became unconscious from this problem— a truly life-threatening event— I think I saw a bit of what death is really about that day.

I only survived because I was in extraordinary physical condition. I am now fighting to get back into shape. I'm up to 30 very slow laps in an hour.

One lady I know is paralyzed from the waist down, 67 years old and determined to out-lap me someday soon. She wraps floatation devices around her waist and legs. She propels herself though the water, arms splashing madly for an hour +, her arm muscles look like my leg muscles! She won't regain her legs, but will, most likely, live to a healthy, slim and smiling 90+ years of age!

Will you?