YouTube Lecture by Dr. Kenneth Gorson

FYI, there is a lecture entitled "Managing Your CIDP (Sorting Out Your Diagnosis and Treatment)" recently posted on YouTube. The lecturer is Dr. Kenneth Gorson, who is associated with the CIDP/GBS Center of Excellence at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center in the Boston area. He is also Professor of Neurology at Tufts University. Although Dr. Gorson written many scholarly papers, this lecture is directed to an audience of CIDP patients. You can click on the following URL for the lecture:

thank you for sharing! great resource!

Also watched very helpful Thanks for letting us know. haven't been able to make my husband really understand what is going on. he said he will watch this(at my request) and I think he'll have a different take on this CIDP life.

Glad that you found the video helpful. I understand that you are a pianist with muscle atrophy in your hands. The only keyboard that I use (as little as possible) is the computer keyboard. I have neuropathy in the ulnar nerves of both arms. The only thing that makes my continued use of the computer keyboard possible is speech recognition software. Unfortunately, using speech recognition software to play the piano is probably impossible. I find that sounds other than my voice interfere with the accuracy of speech recognition.

Dr. Gorson diagnosed me. Super Dr. Super Neurologist — Super smart