B Complex

I have been reading up and talking to people about vitamins and supplements that could help with Neuropathy and thus possibly CIDP. B vitamins and B Complex keep coming up. Has anyone had any luck taking B Complex for help with their CIDP?

Deficiencies in B vitamins cause similar symptoms to CIDP. However, if you've been tested and have levels within normal range, they likely won't help much.
The claimed efficacy of B vitamin supplements could be having a deficiency misdiagnosed as CIDP or having low levels of B vitamins in addition to CIDP. I don't think extra B vitamins will do anything for CIDP if you have normal levels already.

Request tests for B vitamin deficiencies if you haven't had them done. :)

The complexities of remylenazation requires chemistry in an aqueous solution of the correct pH and ionization and valid IgG proteins. This adjusted chemistry in the body may allow remylination to proceed unimpeded.

Most vitamins are broken down in the mouth or stomach and change into much more complex proteins, transport chemistry or individualize molecules or elements. The only reason to take vitamins is if you lack a complete diet or you are not absorbing vitamins in the digestive track. The exception is Vitamin D, which is produced in the skin, then the liver.

Since CIDP's antagonists (monoclonal Ig mutations from B cells which originate in bone or spleen, & T cells) I would think Vitamin D would be of the most benefit. My Vitamin D level fell to 12 units of measure and then I was prescribed Vitamin D, once a week, at 50000 mg..

BTW- supplementing foods that builds myelin (which are mostly lipids) and muscle fiber, along with pushing whatever exercise can be done is, in my opinion, the best course to counter CIDP

For myself I was tested for B12 deficiency and have been taking 1200 mcg of B12 for over a year now and don't feel any different, so I don't know if it's helping or not, but I hope so. Gary