Linus Pauling Institute's Micronutrient Information Center for Optimum Health

I want to share this amazing "library". It is from the same institute that pioneered the Lipoic Acid and CIDP clinical trial. I would love to hear about the details from anyone who participated. The center covers all health related issues.

This sample is on Nutrition and Immunity.

Great article! This put a clearer picture in my mind of the immune system. Up until I read this I was deriving my information from too many disease web sites and complicated medical references to CIDP.

My vitamin D was very low (and I live in sunny Hawaii!) . I was prescribed 50,000 mg/week, which solved the deficiency. I now take 2000 mg / day.

I follow many of the recommendations on nutrition and vitamins intake in this article and perhaps the severity of my CIDP has been squelched for 10-15 years by doing so.

I agree estaban. I only started staying well since addressing my deficiencies. I did a nutrition panel and the results were disturbing. I have always eaten well, no junk to speak of. I know prednisone played into it as well. I still have a ways to go. I don't know if it's because my digestive system is slow or I have developed celiacs or "leaky gut" or both. I did iron infusions because I couldn't tolerate pills. Worked great. I am still not tolerating vitamin d in pill form. I force myself but feel nauseas all the time from it. I am going to look into infusion for D and b12. B12 appears to go right through me in pill form from the panel I did, and my blood level is low side of normal. I should be absorbing something.