Butran patches

Has any one tried Butran patches for pain, if so how did they work for you?

Hi, thanks for your response. I have a thing about not wanting to take narcotics. I just don’t like the way the name me feel. I’ve been taking 2700 mg a day of Gabapentin and is not helping take the edge off the nerve pain and now I’m beginning to have some other side effects after being on it for 5 years.

I already had permanent nerve damage at L5-S1, pre GBS, as well as 2 back surgeries, and Fibromyalgia. I’m a wreak, but, I’m a happy wreak.

I have really bad reactions to medication and have a laundry list of drug allergies. I have a great team of doctors who communicate with each other and I know the would not prescribe it if they thought it would not help.

I guess I’m just nervous about having xa steady stream of a narcotic going into my body.

Smiles. :slight_smile:

mdolich said:

No I never have tried Butran patches. The VA (who takes care of all my medical seeing I’m a veteran) will not prescribe it because it’s a narcotic. Butran is highly addictive, and is not for use on an “As-Needed” basis for pain. Buprenorphine can be habit-forming, and the Butrans skin patch contains a high concentration of this medicine. It can also slow or stop your breathing, especially when you start using this medicine, or whenever your dose is changed. Dangerous side effects or death can occur when alcohol is combined with buprenorphine, so if your on the patch then don’t drink. I would do a lot of research before trying Butran, just my opinion. I will put this out to all the members for there input.

Good Luck, “Stay Strong and keep a Positive Attitude”

I’m allergic to both of those meds. I’m on Sevella for my Fibro. I’m allergic to so many meds it’s easier to say what I’m not allergic to. I wear a medical alley bracket, keep a list of all medicines I’m currently taking and what I’m allergic to on my phone and in my purse.

I’ve done my research on Butrans, and there are a lot of meds that do not interact well worth it. I take Tizanidine at night for sleep. That it’s a high warning interaction. I do have a call into my doctor to get his okay to stop taking it.

I’m not an easy patient to medicate. I guess this is why he is willing to give me the patch. And that I’ve always been able to negotiate my way out of taking narcotics in the past.
I was just hoping someone had used them andhow they did on the med.


I was on Lyrica and Cymbalta (not at the same time) and they were great for a short while...can have serious side effects which i found out...affects your mental health...psycosis,bi polar, skitzophrenia and so on. Does your head in...can cause suicide as i found out. I just wanted to add that one needs to be careful gng on any of these meds sthat have serious and sometimes fatal consequences...but having GBS myself and having gone on both those meds in the past...i can appreciate the need for the relief and painless sleep they bring too...as they did for me. But it was only a couple of years before they turned on me in the worst way & i had to come off them...so be careful...thats all..take them with caution. Thank God i don't need them anymore.
mdolich said:

Ask your neurologist about maybe Lyrica or Cymbalta. I take both of these (Lyrica 100mg 3xday, & Cymbalta 30mg 2xday), and they do help with my neurological pain. I also take Amitriptyline (50mg) before bed too. Lyrica is also good for Fibromyalgia.

Thank you Rosebud. But I’ve already said I’m allergic to both Lyrics and cymbalta. That’s the issue. I’m allergic to so much my doctors are limited to what they can give me.