Cidp and lupus

Does anyone have another auto-immune disease along with cidp? They just informed my husband that he tested positive for lupus. He has had cidp since 2005 and about 2 years ago he started swelling. They are now saying they think he has lupus as well.

Wowww i havent but i have been diagnosed with hypercholestrolanemia as well as the cidp but i have a cousin who has been diagnosed with lupus so i will def tell her about this and see about getting her tested.Thank you for sharing. I know my other cousin has Crohns disease and shes having to have infusions as well.

I think this stuff..the cidp..does usally have more than just one disease that goes along with it.

we have a support group for lupus too:

Interesting question. I have thyroid problems, along with CIDP. When I asked what cause the thyroid problems I was told that the cause was unclear, but it can sometimes be caused by immune system problems. Since then I have met or read about several other people with CIDP and thyroid issues, too many to be a coincidence, I think. I am beginning to think that many immune system problems are linked somehow.

It will be very interesting to see the responses.


I have the autoimmune polineuritis (CIDP) and ankylosing spondylitis. Sympthoms are quite different, and remmiting and relapses sometimes goes togheter and sometimes not.

Sjogren's syndrome is associated with CIPD. ANA tests are prone to false positives. There are more specific tests for lupus.

I have CIDP and am in the process of testing for Lupus as I am having symptoms now. I am very curious to how you are doing now with both and any suggestions you may have.

I tested positive for Lupus 2x with my neurologist, he sent me to a rhumatologist(forgive my spelling) and with his tests I was border line Lupus so he would not treat me for Lupus. So I am not being treated for Lupus. Just for your information - my pain management doctor has put me on Metinx and said everyone who has cidp needs to be on this med. cause it helps heal your nerves and grow the mylin sheth back. Again forgive my spelling.Metinx is spelled correctly

Sorry it’s Metanx not metinx