Cleansing of toxins from food and enviorment

wanting to know if anyone has any experience with toxic cleansing or heard information on this subject. 6 months ago i thought we would wait till my wife goes into remision to start. but after 4 relapses including 6weeks of being ventilated, steroids, chemo, ivig and plazma i am looking for solutions to fight the root of this disease.

We have been doing our best to eat right. Growing/buying organic whenever possible, trying to avoid GMO foods (not easy!), etc. We are not buying factory prepared foods much anymore, making everything from scratch.
Not sure if this is what you meant, but everyone should be eating this way. Especially if you learn how to decipher those labels and discover what they put in " food".

Perhaps you are approaching this disease from the wrong end? This is a neuro- muscular disease and it includes the enternic and gastrointestinal muscle systems; therefor the output of digested matter is of extreme importance.One serious problem I experienced, related to CIDP, was Anatomic -hyperflexia, which is life-threatening condition and results from muscles of the gut not working properly, orthostatic-HYPOtension, improper diet and especially constipation/diarrhea.

The root of this disease (for remission) is when the proper signaling of anxons to Schawan cell starts the remyelinization process. The cells, nerves and surrounding fluids must be in perfect or near-perfect chemical and electrical balance. Myelin is mostly lipids... ah, so complex and diet is the key in many ways. I would consult a neuro-dietitian, if such a specialty exists, and not rely on antidotes from laymen