Did anyone else have fatigue before any other symptoms? What was your progression like?

I'm in the process of being diagnosed right now, and I've been wondering what the progression was like for other people. One of my primary doctors is set on GBS, but I feel like it's clearly CIDP... because it presents differently, I'd like to know if anyone had a similar progression to mine as well as hearing of how it has been for others who present differently than I do.

Six and a half months ago I had just finished a 3000 mile bicycle trip across the US, for the first two weeks after I felt great. I got up in the morning, stayed up late, and was pretty darn happy that I had made it through that trip. Then I started to feel more and more fatigued. Two months in it had become severe fatigue. It has stayed that way since then. As for other symptoms, Three months in I started noticing muscle fatigue which is still progressing. Three and a half months in I started noticing generalized pain and weakness (worse in my legs than in my arms and torso) that also worsened over time. Five months brought tingling that started in fingers and toes, that has spread to hips and shoulders; most of the spreading has happened in the past 3 weeks.

I felt fatigue. By the time I had my first emg/ncs, 4 weeks into it there was demyelination. GBS is when symptoms stop progressing after 4 weeks. A sub-acute case maybe 8 weeks. A neurologists has to do an emg/ncs study to diagnose. If there is demyelination, then other common reasons for it may have to be ruled out first. Have you been to a neurologist yet?