has anyone applied for disability? im a building and grounds supervisor of @66acres and 12 buildings and my employer sent a job discription to my internal med and neuro both said i should no longer be doing the majority of the list i do understand but it is a hard pill to swallow i have progressive cidp it took @4years and alot of testing (they were leaning toward ms) but i have been diagnosed @4 years now before i go on i would like to thank the person(s) for this support group i wish Gods bleesing to you i do forget things i do need to say they both have trying to get me to stop work for the last two years its just not my nature i would also like to thank all who share on this site it reminds me that among our group i am normal my skin does feel like there is something crawling on me even though there isnt i do step on broken glass from time to time even though there isnt any im not having a heart attack i do have labored breathing and swallowing is hard from time to time being in the heat is not an option for me but i do have a cooling vest that helps and im not lazy or old (well kind of im 56) but i do run out of energy/fatigue very easy i cannot climb stairs and most of my mobility is done by a motorized chair i do from time to time heat up in the ac i could go on and on but all of you live some or all of this list and some even more i cant believe how relieving it is just to type this! i look forward to a long life together sharing with each and every one of you my prayers are with us all please always remember there were only one set of footprints in the sand

I guess it depends on where you live. I understand that in the states it can differ from state to state as it does from province to province up here in Canada. Up here we have two forms, one is run by the province, the other is federal. Is this similar to your state? Gary

http://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/bluebook/11.00-Neurolog... -- this is a link to what has to be documented in order for SSA to consider you for disability, but meeting these criteria does NOT guarantee it. Most people are turned down their first attempt. Do not back down, and get an attorney if you are denied. You can file your initial application online at the SSA website.

If you have co-morbid (other) conditions, include them all in the application. If approved, benefits don't start until 6 months from your last date of work, and you will be eligible for Medicare 2 years later.

If you have private disability through your employer or on your own, use that policy first- it usually only requires your physician to attest to your limitations.

Good luck. Again, the link for medical criteria is Medical SSA neurological criteria

Although you fall under 11.14, the criteria is under 11.04B, and is AFTER treatment criteria.


I agree with the previous replies, but would add one more item to the list. If you have disability insurance either through your employer or privately - check with your employer/insurance agent to see if they provide you with an attorney or legal group who will represent you at no charge to you. In my case I found out that the insurance companies don't want to pay disability for any longer than they have to, so they require you to apply for social security disability and provide the attorney to make sure you are approved.

Good luck with this, I know it's an effort, but it will pay off in the end. Lindae

I filed in 2006 and after first denial, reapplied with a “forget the application - let me speak freely” cover letter and request for an ‘on the record’ decision. I attached letters from my Neurologist and GP and was approved without a hearing. I did not use a lawyer. I am 58 now. My doctors were the ones who told me to apply.

Social Security Disability is the ability to collect now instead of waiting until you are 62. Dbl from work is for temporary “I’ll be back” disabilities such as surgery. However, until your disability is deemed permanent by SOC SEC DBL pursuant to your inability to work a/k/a your “residual capacity”. That’s what they are looking for. Your occupation and your limitations lie a balance — you can be granted partial disability. You need to know “what’s left of me when dbl symptoms are factored into the equation” and then SS will evaluate whether there are suitable jobs similar to your current one that you could do.

The critical thing is to FILE ASAP. it takes time. And payment can be retroactive to a year before you filed. You can file online. Use your search engine to find everything. Search for. "TIPS AND TRICKS on SS disability

One more thing… You do NOT need a lawyer. You may need help and can go to the ADA office of necessary - but you have all the answers within you BUT IF YOU CAN GET A LAWYER for no cost. --to YOU, great!!!

I know when I applied in 2008 it took me over 20 hours to complete the online form because I put EVERYTHING down. Every diagnosis and the effects of it related to how you can or cannot manage. Then after listing the medicines, I listed ALL the side effects I have from them that make me unable to work. Be very complete with your documentation.....I think it scares them to see someone have it all in order. Make sure you have documented proof of whatever you are claiming. I got mine approved in less than 4 months and did not need to appeal or seek a lawyer. I am young 45 so they really did not want to give it to me. I processed mine thru work disability so I just received a packet of over 20 pages to complete and send back to them for review of my case to see if I still qualify. I pray that the second time around goes as well as the first. Keep your ducks in a row and document everything in case you need to seek legal council. Remember that once you are approved you get a date of "disability eligibility" this date is when they will start to pay you from and when your 2 year waiting period begins before you qualify for Medicare medical coverage. If you can get coverage from your spouse who is still working do so that way you have coverage for this 'gap'. If not make sure you look into what options are available as you do not want to have no coverage especially if you are getting IVIG at $9000 a treatment. Hope this helps.....Hang in there and prayers for discernment!

DON'T GIVE UP! You WILL get denied at least once and probably 2-3 times. We used a lawyer who specialized in Disability claims and we filled everything out and had letters from Neuro clearly stating that he would be permanently disabled. We even had to take hubby for a "Psychiatric Evaluation" which was a joke! The nice thing about using the lawyer was they immediately appealed every time and walked us through every step of the way. The lawyer had a set fee and it was given directly to him when the case finally went through. It is a frustrating process, especially when we all know that system is being abused. Hang in there and best wishes!

Attach every research paper ever published on CIDP that you can get your hands on to attach to your application, about 500 pages should do it and a neuropsychiatric report won't hurt because it has to do with QOL and the more professionals behind you the better. Good Luck! Gary

A neuro-psychologist will do if you can find one, instead of a psychiatrist along with a pain management specialist.

I have several illnesses and this one here I didn't have or know I had at the time I applied for ss.

I did it on line by myself. I got response back in a couple of months of no. I think we all do mostly.

I also found that you need a doctor to back you up, and I had my pcp write me a letter, and I told him what to put in his letter to help him write it for me.

I also hired a lawyer and probably didn't need one when all was said and done...Dec I applied....turn down, then by that June I had been approved and with a lawyer...but one thing...I never made a lot working....so all those TV ads were no good. Those lawyers didn't want anything to do with a school bus driver....I never made much....so beware.

YOU can do it yourself....the trick is to have all your records in a row.....make sure you have a good doctor in your corner...and beaware you will probably get tested...I was tested several times by their doctors.....hey I knew I was sick, and it didn't bougher me....because I knew I had this disability....

What I use was my COPD....I have a partly claps lung so no way will I test out ok...I am on oxygen today 7/24 and back then....I use every thing that hurt on my body...I wrote about it all...don't keep anything back. They check everything out.

When I was check out they check all those areas I said I had wrong....made them work. But again I had socillos and 12 claps disks.

I also had problems with falling back then too...thought it was weak ankles...for years....etc. I had a problem with my knee and put down Arthrits....but I went to arthrist doctors...and Ortho doctors....more doctors the better....keep records...

OK that is what I can tell you.