Funny Stories

So, I got to thinking after reading a story a member posted on another support group (Psoriatic Arthritis) that since I'm at home and have a good deal of time on my hands that I could put together a collection of funny stories people had surrounding their invisible illness.

The other inspiration for this was that recently I had to be hospitalized because the pain was too much for me to bear and my regular meds were not helping. I got a bit of a shock, as the doctor informed me just before I went home that my body was literally so fragile that I had to take care not to exert myself too much (my shoulder had a torn tendon and muscle in the rotator cuff: infraspinatus and subscapularis) yet I had done nothing to warrant such an injury. He basically said I had the body of someone 80+, even though I'm only 42! I was in shock when I went home. The following morning, I had a big ol' cry out and sobbing on my hubby's shoulder about how it wasn't fair and he said "oh, I think you got tears and snot on my t-shirt... and I've only been wearing it for two weeks!". Well, that sent me in stitches and I immediately felt better.

So these humours moments in our lives, I thought if we could share them, it would help us all. According to my favouite book of all time, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, Callahan's law states:

If you want to contribute to this collection, please e-mail me at

Also please state if you want to be named in full, by first name only or by a pseudonym. When I get enough entrants, I'll put the collection together and publish a .pdf which everyone can download and read on whatever device they choose.

Let's keep our spirits up! I'm thankful to have this resource and hope to hear from you all real soon :-)