Has anyone tried Kinesiology

My guy is going to Rehab 2x a week. One of those visits is in the pool. He would like to add in something else ie: massage, accupuncture and heard some one talking about Kinesiology. He is in a wheelchair and has just started to stand. Thoughts?

Exercise, hydro therapy walking are all good for cardio and every other system in body. I think all Of this as well as some stretches can relax the nerves and muscles easing pain, tightness and all the things that cause. My physical therapist showed me a series of stretches that I can do as much or as often as needed they relieve pain and exhausted muscle caused by over exhaustion or poor body alignment or even limping or using a cane which can cause pain . I also did acupuncture for 6 months and think it helped delay knee replacement and relax muscles!

Tried this for 7 years at great expense. Good for telling what vitamins and minerals you are deficient in,but my guy advised me I needed something new halfway through what he had just got me onto. I could sell the stuff!! His fee was 40 pounds and each jar of pills or drops about the same every month. BUT…that’s just my story…it could be different…the Queen Mother lived to 101 on it!

Hi Madonnart, could someone explain what Kinesiology is and what kind of effects it has on cidp? Thanks for any info. Pumpkin

Hi Pumpkin, I don’t know a lot about Kinesiology just that it is a tool performance athletes use to improve body movement. My Guy is starting from square 1 to stand and walk but now has challenges if foot drop and wasted muscles to make the journey tougher.

Hi Madonnart-
I started out in a wheelchair 5 years ago. I am now walking, mostly unassisted. I go to pool therapy 2 or 3 times a week and I also go to an excellent massage therapist. I had terrible foot drop and I feel that the massage therapist helped me the most with that. She would massage deep into the ligaments and tendons of my ankles while stretching them. It was a long, slow process but well worth it. Congratulations to him on standing, that is a big achievement. He is headed in the right direction.
Take care-

I do KT (Kinesio Therapy) 3x a week when I'm not in school. It builds up from the simple to the more complex. There is very little difference in PT/OT/KT except in how they get you to the end goal, which is usually more independence.


I was diagnosed Aug 2012, suffered constant pain if I tried to walk a short distance. Acupuncture was suggested to me, I've never looked back. I've even stopped the painkillers! I have it once a week, it's amazing. I know it's this as I've left it over a week, and the pain comes back. Once a week; it's amazing. Give it a try!