Helbal Beverage...it works....for me

Hello guys. It's been more than a year since my last post. Same old same old.. for the past six months I can only sit on my wheelchair a max of 2 hours then I have to go lie down in bed to rest my lower back and painful right hip not to mention the usual nerve pain on my lower extreamities.
Anyway I am posting this message not to whine about my suffering but share with you a pain relief that might help. A relative recommended an "Herbal Beverage" that tasted like coffee and taken before bedtime or during breakfast. I cannot go much in details and I am not endorsing it ,however I am telling you this to share my result. After a couple of days, I could stay almost the whole day in my wheelchair. The pain is still there but very tolerable compared 3 days before. I felt much relief and now I am quite able to go back to theraphy.
The herbal beverage came from Indonesia and sold in 30 sachet per box @ $7 / box. It's called SEHAT BADAN. I am living in Manila, the Philippines and ironically these are smuggled into the southern part of the country. The local FDA warned the public not to use it for one reason....no filipino or english translation, no certification from the health department and of course it didn't pay any import tax which are the basic requirement. (It's is being sold online here with english instruction). All of my pharma nerve pain killers never helped me but I am still taking it 2 years now.... until this herb came into the picture. So that's my update.

I am glad you found something that helps with your pain, ultimax. Thanks for the upate.

I looked into old post and Googled this product's ingredients. One ingredient is, Nigellae Sativa Semen(Sativa Seeds)- 15%,

Is this like cannibus sativa , a.k.a., marijuana?

I smoked pot years ago and recall the soothing sensations over my entire body and muscles being in a very relaxed state for 4 -5 hours.

Has anyone on this site tried cannibus specifically to address the pain and muscles problems associated with CIDP/GBS?

And for that matter, are their other drugs that are illegal or lesser known that you've used to address CIDP/GBS pain and dysfunctions?

Sativa includes carrots, oats, rice, alfalfa, hops…etc, of which hemp(cannabis) is known.
Yes I do take medical cannabis to alleviate my nerve pain when all pain killers fail.It help me sleep and rid of the radiating pain from my lower back to my legs. I I stopped smoking pot a few months ago and started vaping so not to harm my lungs.I’m still taking prescribe meds just to please my neuro.

I just read that this contains pain killers and not natural herbs.