Hepatitis A vaccine

Aloha from Hawaii. I don’t know if any of you heard but Hawaii has a Hepatitis A outbreak. So far 93 people in Hawaii, most on Oahu, are infected with the disease. The Department of Health is encouraging its residents to get immunized with the Hep A vaccine. I was wondering if anyone know if it is safe for me, a GBS survivor to get immunized. FYI, my GBS was not from a flu shot.

TJ here. That is a question for your Doctor. There are multiple types of vaccines for hepA and B. Strangers on a website may have opinions but rarely the knowledge. Given the fact Hepatitis A is extremely contagious, its likely you have more to fear from the disease than the prevention. But then that too is a discussion you need to have with real healthcare providers.

One of the most important considerations will be just how long since your attack and how long you have been symptom free. A systemic virus such as Hep A can really get things rocking and rolling…

The internet is full of theories and not the background and science that gives rise to them. There are a number of Vaccines that do NOT contain live virus for Hep A, As far as the “flushot” thing there has been only a minor causal relationship to the 1976 flu vaccine that contained live virus for the “swine Flu”

I have had two neurologists treat me between my initial week in icu and rehab for GBS. Both told me that some doctors will have differing opinions, but they both thought that i should never have a live vaccine. They both also agreed a deactivated flu vaccine would decrease the chance of getting GBS again because the occasional flu itself was more likely to cause GBS than an annual inactive flu vaccine.

Well just got news from my brother who took the Hep A vaccine. He said the information sheet they pass out when he got the shot said that people with GBS should NOT get the Hep A vaccine. Also, my son who is a pharmacist told me NOT to get the Hep A vaccine. So there you go. Thanks everyone!