I would like to know what every body thinks about the different products of IG.

I received Gamaguard for the first time and had a lot of flu like symptoms afterwards.

I thought I would not make it..... Later on when I was diagnosed with CIDP I receiced Gamunex C

twice a week and now once a week and knock on wood I have not had any side effects.

I will be back at the Mayo Clinic on Monday and hope to hear that I will need less infusions.

I am hoping for this to go into remission.

About two years ago I was diagnosed with CIDP. My nuero started me on Priivgen. I went through bad flu like syptoms and would spike high pressue 200+/110+ during the infusion and once putting me into the ER. About a year ago they changed me to

Flebogamma. I have been receiving it every 10 days. The Flebogama has had less side effects except for horrible headaches. We have tried to get down the amount of infusions with no luck. I have tried Cellcept and Methatrexate with the infusion with out any help. Just started Steriods on top of the Flebogamma. Please say a prayer for success.

Hi Carli,

I am on Carimune. It's less common because it is more diluted. I think 10% if I have the facts right. Originally I tried the higher concentrate but couldn't tolerate. I wonder if flu symptom are ivig or cidp. I think for me they are cidp. It does come and go without explanation. One theory I have is my body temperature. It is 1.5 pts lower since the onset of this. But, I really don't know.

Good luck to you

Thanks for sharing. I just came back from the Mayo clinic in Rochester MN. I am still tired, but the good news are keeping me up. I have been on Gamunex C since June. I received 35g twice a week for 8 months and now once a week until July. I guess because I am getting so much better without any side effects they recommend to stay on it for 3 more months. The plan is to go every two weeks after July and to hopefully keep reducing. I guess everybody has a different story. I found this comparism chart and thought it might be inteesting

137-ivigcomp.pdf (172 KB)