Medicare and IVIG

I currently have private insurance through my wife's employer. I am considering switching to Medicare part B (I already have part A), to help save money. Our private insurance is costing us so much money each month that I need to find a better option. I am eligible for Part B Medicare coverage but I am concerned about Medicare, if it covers IVIG treatments and what does it cost? Are there Copays? How much are the Copays?

I cannot afford to switch if they do not cover it 100% through Medicare or a Supplementary plan. Obviously I cannot afford to pay 20% of $8000 every two weeks which is how often I receive my infusions. I have called Medicare as well as several private insurance companies for more information but I am not getting consistent answers to my questions. CIDP is rare enough that nobody I have spoken to on this subject can give me a definitive answer, does Medicare cover the cost of IVIG? I have heard about something called the Coverage Gap where after a certain amount is paid for prescriptions the coverage has a gap. This gap means that after Medicare has paid out $3,300 in a calendar year for prescriptions the coverage drops to where the patient has to pay more than 50% of their medications until they reach what is called Catastrophic coverage. After reaching the Catastrophic level they begin to pick up a larger portion of the cost.

Currently my infusions are covered 100% with no copays.

Does anybody with CIDP that receives IVIG infusions have any knowledge on this subject?

How much does it cost per treatment through Medicare? Who do you use? What does it cost?

Is there a special program to help pay the costs of this needed but expensive drug?

The IVIG treatments work well for me, they keep me breathing and above-ground. For that I am thankful but the cost of this treatment is crazy expensive.

Any suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciative. I am currently on SSDI and I receive a Disability Pension from my last Employer.

Thank you for your help,