Mouth sores - and now face sores

I've been struggling with mouth sores for the last four years of CIDP. I've been MRI'd and now cat-scanned, but the sores are benign. Now I have red/purplish sores on my nose and face! Anyone experience this? I'm on prednisone and Imuran. This seems different to me. Another autoimmune disorder? Thoughts?


- Rosemary

Hi Rosemary,

Both Imuran and prednisone have side effects that can effect the stomach and skin. Are the mouth sores canker sores? I know that a stomach that is "out of whack" can make canker sores more prevalent. Since prednisone is so hard on the stomach, that may be where the mouth sores are coming from.

As far as what you're seeing on/around your nose, both of those meds can cause skin issues, as well. I'm glad to hear that the sores are benign, and hopefully these issues are just a result of the medications. If it becomes too problematic for you, though, talk to your doctor about switching to something else if possible.

Hope this helped,


I too have cidp and have been suffering from mouth sores but I’m on methotrexate and was wondering if that could cause it too.

There is an excellent free app/program that runs on virtually any OS/platform called epocrates. I use it all the time. It provides detailed info on just about every prescription medicine available. It has a drug reference, interaction check, pill id, tables, and calculations. It's a great tool for people like us who may be on multiple powerful drugs. I hope it helps answer some of your questions.



Thanks so much for your responses. From what you all are saying it seems like a drug side-effect rather than another auto-immune disorder. Since I don't have much of an appetite, the mouth sores seem to be getting better. Because I'm not eating!! Ah well, at least it helps the steroid weight. :-)

I realized that I might be scratching my skin at night because of sensory issues and that may be causing some of the sores...

Again, thanks. I'm going to try to ignore some of this, have a glass of wine and enjoy the holidays. Hope you all find some joy as well....

I have been having very similar issues myself since August, but mine are on my scalp. I'm doing IVIG plus Prednisone, Cymbalta, and Gabapentin . I'm interested in checking out the app Mark / Icthruu suggested to see if some of the meds are causing side effects for me. Thank you so much for bringing this up as the sores are driving me crazy.

I have had issues with nausea, vomiting, fatigue,and weight loss. I was taking 15mg morphine twice a day, vicodin twice a day, gabapentin 3times a day, and ondansetron twice a day. I quit the gabapentin it wasn't helping and the nausea isn't so bad now. I was prescribed these medications for pain relief, but the side effects were much harder to deal with. I am finding that with fewer medications I can actually get to my physical therapy and see my counselor and that is what helps me the most with CIDP. Peace Nancy p.s. no skin lesions but I have had a gum infection