My holistic approach

I am convinced that the root cause of CIDP (or any other autoimmune disease for that matter) is multifaceted and should be treated holistically. In my case, and in many other cases that I’ve read or heard about, stress and anxiety have a huge impact on the development of autoimmune diseases, such as CIDP. While I did not feel particularly stressed when my symptoms first started, looking back I realize that my stress and anxiety had been so chronic and constant that it was my “normal” or autopilot setting, which is why I did not recognize it. Over the past few years, I have radically changed my diet, lifestyle, and general mindset, and I have regained 90% of my mobility and functioning. I started a blog to offer support and community building for people living with CIDP and recently published a post on the link between stress and autoimmunity based on recent research:

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Although I would agree that stress and anxiety can exacerbate any condition I cannot correlate it to my situation. I had much more stress in my early life and much less in my later adulthood. My CIDP symptoms came on gradually and was not diagnosed until 65 years old. I’m sorry but i just can’t embrace a holistic approach as you and your link suggests. I lean more toward science. The “Heal Documentary” link reminds me too much of Scientology…but I’m from the old school of thought…no offense meant here…just speaking my point of view.


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I have CIDP. I have done and am doing various infusion therapies including subcutaneous ones. I have come to believe that the ‘causes’ of CIDP are complex and I cannot point to one thing as a cause. I do think it is a human tendency to want to pinpoint or blame one thing for an illness such as stress, an injection, surgery or life trauma. Acceptance of my illness and pushing against denial were and are key for me. From there I do massage, medical therapies, swimming, walking, meditation etc. I think there is a danger in causal thinking. A person can blame themselves for ‘causing’ their illness and them blame themselves again for not ‘healing themselves’. Let’s face it this is a complex world with many internal and environmental anomalies. What is important to me is that I do my best each day to be as well as I can.

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I agree about the complexity of the desease. I’m a Christian and trusted God with much of the process. Although I asked Him many questions. I kept my sense of humor through it all. Evem when I could barely walk and a new neurologist came to see me I struggled to my feet and asked, “do you want me to do the moon walk?” At another point when I was very ill and not responding well to meds, I was taken to a resesation room and the only thing I remember before going out was them saying, “at least he has a sense of humor.” Then I went out and woke later in ICU. My lack of stress didn’t keep me from going from GBS to CIDP, it didn’t keep from getting real sick, but I know it can be a killer and lack of stress is helping me recover.
So make good decisions and enjoy what you have today and the process you make and keep on doing good things!

Thanks for sharing Apyper65. I too am a Christian and trust in God. I believe we all have a destined beginning and end in life but since we have free will it is up to each of us to make our way and hopefully follow a path in life that is not detoured with many dead ends…been on a few dead ends but think I’m currently headed back to the main road.