Pain after Shoveling

Hi. I have had CIDP now for about 2 years. I don't have a lot of pain associated with my CIDP. Mostly weird sensations in legs and hands and some weakness in hands. But yesterday I chopped some ice for about 5 minutes. I did not really do all that much. The ice was slush and I was just pushing it off the sidewalk so it did not refreeze. But about 20 minutes later I was in horrible pain in the shoulder and hand of the hand that used to push the ice pick with. I haved to have a warm pack on that shoulder. I could not sleep because the pain persisted all night long. And I woke up this morning with pain in that arm. I have never experienced this before! Could this be due to my CIDP? I really did not work that hard at all so I don't think i pulled something. It makes me think maybe my CIDP is starting to give me different problems. I hope it is not progressing :-(. I have a warm pack on my shoulder here at work and I took more Ibuprofin in hopes to aleviate the pain. My shoulder feels like someone punched me over and over and over really hard in the shoulder! Ouch!

It would be hard to tell maybe you just twisted some wired way, Maybe its cipd but then both arms should be in the same or close to the same shape. Does your other arm hurt any if you do anything with it ?

It’s hard to tell and that’s one of the worst things about CIDP never knowing if it just got worse or you are just getting older or some freak thing just happened to you.

I am no doctor but I would say if your other arms seems okay and the hurt arms is getting better then you have nothing to worry about.

It turns out I had a shoulder impingement. I went to a sports and orthopedic clinic and had some physical therapy done. I am happy that it was not my CIDP this time.