Post Something Positive Here Each Day

Please tell us at least one POSITIVE that happened to you this day. It can be any wonderful action or event, an inspiring thought that came across your mind, an exciting emotion, or a nice sight, smell or taste or feelings. ONLY POSITIVE, NO NEGATIVE.

Nothing is too trivial, feel free to add more positive as things happen.

I'm with my entire family today! Even my brother who has been sailing around the world for the last 2 1/2 yrs. I haven't seen him since he left so this is a special Christmas.

My wife and I had a nice, potluck dinner prepared by our children, Christmas Eve, with both sons, their wives and all 4 grandchildren.

After the gifts were opened and the din subsided, the grandchildren got together for some bonding and sharing of their gifts.

I happened to get a nice photo of two of the girls, intrigued by an iPad. It is a special moment in time that I will have forever!

Christmas was GREAT, with the kids, grand children, and great grand children. We had friends over Christmas Eve and then it was Christmas Day, and I've been eating turkey ever since. At least I won't go hungry! (Ho, Ho!!) Gary

Been working all week at United Airlines Reservations on second shift. My wife was also woking at her Manager job at Walmart on the night shift. Today we are off and recovering. Tomorrow -- turkey and stuffing with the kids, grandkids, and in-laws.

It will be festive dinner celebrating Christmas and the coming New Year.

It will be special for me. Almost 2 years cancer free, conquered GBS, and now sucessfully learning to function while having CIDP. I thank the Lord every morning - life is precious and every minute is a joy. Now I have to get back to running my side business selling on EBay and ETsy. Check out my website at This is not an advertisement -- just a statement that even though I have CIDP, I can work a fulltime job and run a business on the side. I call that Living Strong!

After several years of trying to get in to see a speicalist for my Neuropathy....I have such great news that I want to share it with the rest of you...yesssssssssss..this is positive!!! I have apt for Feb. 1, 2013. My very first apt with a doctor that spiecalist with the neuropathies. I am so excited for a chance.

Thank you God and all my bensfriends everywhere


That's GREAT, it's a start, and GOOD LUCK!!!! Gary

I went to dinner with my two best friends and their wives and my girlfriend last night. We've been friends for 15+ years and it was so good to get together and laugh.

I got down on my knees today and cleaned the cat litter box. I was able to get up with little difficulty. I did not have to crawl to a chair for support as I got off my knees. The tops of my feet and ankles are getting stronger each day.

I believe in the Polyana way to live be glad about everything. I am glad I only have CIDP and not GBS.